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The Zambretti Weather Forecaster©

For use in the Northern Hemisphere

All you need to use the Pocket Weather Foecaster is a barometer to read rising or falling pressure and an indication of wind direction. the forecaster interprets these readings into one of 26 different forecasts, providing an extremely accurate weather prediction for the next 12 hours.

The Zambretti Weather Forecaster is used in conjunction with a barometer. It interprets the reading of a barometer into one forecast from a large selection of permutations after making allowances for variable factors such as wind direction, a rising, falling or steady barometer and summer or winter season. The forecasts are based on actual experiences and results obtained over a period of years. A severe test proved that 91.7925% of the forecasts obtained with this instrument are correct.

How to forecast using the Zambretti Pocket Weather Forecaster

  • Observe:

If Barometer reading is Rising, Falling or Steady and if the season is Summer or Winter, take the Barometer Reading either in millibars or inches

  • Note the direction of the wind

Set the Barometer reading on the inner dial, Set the wind direction by moving the middle dial and read the code in the window determined by the barometer Rising, Falling or Steady. Flip the Weather forecaster over and read the corresponding code on the reverse that gives the forecast.

Note -The letter "S" (summer) and "W" (winter) are for the time of the year, the former being used from April to September inclusive, and the latter from October to March inclusive. The Forecast is for twelve hours and the best time to take a forecast is 0900 hours.

The Forecaster can be used with any type of barometer, providing the readings of the latter are corrected at sea level.

Notes on Barometer Readings

The Forecaster can be used with any type of barometer, providing the readings of the latter are corrected at sea level. If the barometer employed is a mercury column instrument or an aneroid barometer that has not been specially adjusted to give sea level readings at your altitude, the following instructions should be followed.
Ascertain the altitude of your position above sea level from either a map or a local guidebook, and then add 1/10 th of an inch to the barometer readings for every 90 feet you are above sea level. for example correcting for altitude :-

Assuming an altitude of 450 feet and a barometer reading of 30 inches the calculation would be: Formula 0.1 x 450/90 = 0.5 and the add this 0.5 to 30 inches to give true reading of 30.5 Corrected to Sea Level

If you are in doubt as to whether your barometer readings are correct these can be checked by comparing them with the barometer readings published in the papers or phoning the Meteorological Office.

Conversion factors for Metric and Inches

For every 90 feet above sea level allow 0.1 inches of mercury, 2.54 mm of mercury or 3.386 mbar pressure.

For every 25 metres above sea level allow 0.09 inches of mercury, 2.3mm of mercury or 3.066mbar pressure.

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