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The Zambretti Weather Forecaster©

For use in the Northern Hemisphere

The Zambretti Weather Forecaster is used in conjunction with a barometer. It interprets the reading of a barometer into one forecast from a large selection of permutations after making allowances for variable factors such as wind direction, a rising, falling or steady barometer and summer or winter season.

The forecasts are based on actual experiences and results obtained over a period of years. A severe test proved that 91.7925% of the forecasts obtained with this instrument are correct.

Yachtsmen, Hikers and Walkers, Farmers, Nurserymen, Gardeners and for people just interested in the Weather and what it will bring

It has a hole for a lanyard but is not supplied with lanyard.

Diameter 95mm, light and easy to use.

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All you need to use the Pocket Weather Foecaster is a barometer to read rising or falling pressure and an indication of wind direction. the forecaster interprets these readings into one of 26 different forecasts, providing an extremely accurate weather prediction for the next 12 hours.

Great gadget - present for Dad, Son, Grandad, the walker, Famer, Yachtsman, Gardeners, amateur forecasters, professional forecasters.

Country Rules for Weather Forecasting:
  • Grey mists at dawn, the day will be warm. Dew in the night, next day will be bright.
  • Evening red and morning grey, two good signs for one fine day.
  • Evening grey and morning red, send the shepherd wet to bed.
  • Sound travelling far and wide, a stormy day will betide. A sun shiny shower, won't last half an hour.
  • Long foretold, long past, short notice, soon past.
  • If the sun goes pale to bed, 'twill rain tomorrow it is said.

Now you can talk with confidence and authority about the weather, thanks to The Pocket Weather Forecaster from Temeraire of Brixham. Ramblers, gardeners, farmers, sailors, golfers - indeed anyone whose occupation or pastime is affected by the weather - will find the Pocket Weather Forecaster invaluable in planning their day.

Devised from Negretti & Zambra's 1915 patent, the Pocket Weather Forecaster gives you accurate local weather predictions - at your fingertips. tested to more than 90% accuracy, it has more than 54,000 permutations, yet is remarkably simple to use.

So accurate is the Weather Forecaster that it has been sucessfully tested by NATO Special Forces on exercises under extreme conditions in the Cairgngorms and in the Arctic.

Keep an eye on the weather with this simple to use device

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